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Cory Cove from iHeart Radio's KFAN talks with owner Nate Raich about VA Home Loan options with Refined Lending.

Ready to Apply for a VA Home Loan?

Veterans and service members don’t need to know if they’re eligible for a VA loan to try and start the process. You’ll get a good handle on your ability to land a VA loan during the first step – loan pre-approval.

The VA loan process typically takes 30 to 45 days once you’re under contract on a home, although every buyer’s situation is different. Applying for a VA loan doesn’t obligate you in any way to a particular lender or to moving forward with the home buying process.

Here are the four basic steps to apply for a VA Home Loan:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the broad VA loan eligibility requirements ( view our eligibility page here)
  2. Contact a VA-approved lender like Refined Lending and start your VA Loan application
  3. Obtain your Certificate of Eligibility through your lender or on your own
  4. Finalize your loan application and provide all necessary paperwork to your lender, including W-2’s, tax returns and additional financial information

Questioning if you qualify?

Refined Lending’s Mortgage Bankers are available to answer any questions you have about the VA Home Loan Program. Call us at 763-784-8700 or click here to send an email.

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