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 Representing a marketable brand that reflects my morals, clients and community is why Real Estate is my passion. I love to bring my “work” with me wherever I roam and have a value that I can use to connect with people. The world of Real Estate seems to allow licensees the template to reach a success level tailored to the individuals want that is only hindered by their own creativity and inspiration. My growing family continues to inspire me in ways I never could have imagined… a career in Real Estate is a means to grow along side our families journey to support us not only with financial means, but with a culture of anticipating a bright future. 


After my daughter was born, major life adjustments were needed. I had a strong desire to adopt a career path that could fully utilize my past experiences in music and hospitality. I was on a mission to learn a performance based trade that encompassed a vast level of expertise while showcasing an individuals knowledge, charisma and drive. For me, being an Real Estate “Agent” was a “blank slate” that could be molded into anything I wanted. Essentially, I felt the same creative power that I had when starting rock bands coupled with the desire to provide an unparalleled service experience. 


As a former rock guitarist, it was my job to earn the attention of our audience and maximize it. This mentality gave me a lot of practice over the years to utilize the tools available and pave a hard chiseled path toward the National music scene. What I’ve learned is the business model running a band is VERY similar to real estate. The connection between band marketing and creating buzz for my Sellers home is very exciting to me. The more exposure I can bring to my Sellers home generates better opportunities for my client to net the most of their sale and often use that to fully meet their goals. For me, I absolutely love it, because my clients turns not only to a raving fans, but valued friends. This is what is most important to me. 


 I’ve been in the hospitality industry since I held down the host stand at one of my dads restaurants when I was 4. I’ve done everything in a restaurant from taking out the garbage to maitre d. Serving guests with an affinity to anticipate their needs has become natural in my life. Regardless of the extend of our mission, we strive for the best possible experience. Such a massive undertaking involved to choose and buy a home deserves the top tier level of trust, care and loyalty.

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