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I was directed to Jessica Russo waaaay back in October of 2019, when I made the decision to purchase a home that following Summer. I was pretty nervous, as this was my first home-buying experience and, well…. I heard It can get somewhat intense. My realtor sent me a couple different options to finance my mortgage, but from the beginning, I knew Jess was the one. From the moment I first spoke with her, she put me at ease; letting me know that she’d be there for me and ensured me that everything would be in order. Her attitude towards the entire process was so positive and calming, I knew then and there that she was the one for this life-changing event. We didn’t speak again about the details, but over the course of the next few months, she’d check-in with me, to make sure we were still on course for my plan, to buy a house Summer of 2020. (What more could you ask for?) We met again in March, just after the Covid-19 pandemic hit…. and she was all prepared! (Even with having to home-school her young son Dom, work from home, and take care of everyone else’s needs.) We began the enormous amount of paperwork to get prequalified and once again, Jessica was there to guide me through the entire process, and I was preapproved. So now it was go time, **it just got real!! And we found a house!
The next few weeks was a blur of documents, text messages, more documents, late-night calls, etc. Jess was on top of everything! She really put in her time, leaving no doubt the importance she placed on my financial needs! Again, what more can you ask from your Mortgage Banker!?? With my offer accepted, and the closing date fast approaching, I had even more details to clear-up just before closing. WTH!!? But once again, Jessica was there to talk me off the ledge! And now she was working harder than ever on my account, as there were a couple issues to revise, but she made sure everything was in place. (It was even suggested that we push the closing date out a few days.) So now Jessica was working all hours of the night; sending emails, texting me, calling when necessary, and eventually working her magic with the underwriter! After two days of this, we finally got the approval we needed, just in time to close on our scheduled date! I couldn’t believe it! I am now a Homeowner! Whew!
As I told Jess, “The realtor found me the house, but YOU paid for it!” (She sarcastically agreed with a “Did I ever!” LOL) On a serious note, I am forever grateful to Jessica for all her hard work… even though I didn’t always show her the utmost patience or understanding. She put in the time to ensure all the documentation was in place, directing me on any/all tasks as the deadline was approaching ever so quickly, and finalizing the mortgage just in time! She was there for me, both personally and professionally; doing all that she could to make sure that I got my home loan, no matter what it took! She is truly a Rock Star!!

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