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At Refined Lending we often refer to each other as family, and we mean it. We all truly care about one another and strive to help everyone on the team succeed. One of our top core values is giving back to the local communities we work and live in. This is something that is held near and dear to all our hearts. We really love supporting each other as co workers AND supporting our local community. That is where our Refined Difference Project originated from.  Each month we showcase a different RL Family member and donating to a local charity of their choice. We  also provide links and information on how YOU can donate and support them as well!

For April we are featuring Jenna Toedter from the Coon Rapids Branch. The Charity we will be raising money for is co-founded + operated by Jenna. The Haven empowers and encourages young adults by creating community and affordable housing for individuals without stable support from family and friends. To learn more about the charity and their mission, you can visit their website here.


Currently, they are working towards meeting a financial goal in order to put a down payment on a house in Minneapolis where they will be able to house young adults in need. Thanks for your support!

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