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At Refined Lending we often refer to each other as family, and we mean it. We all truly care about one another and strive to help everyone on the team succeed. One of our top core values is giving back to the local communities we work and live in. This is something that is held near and dear to all our hearts. We really love supporting each other as co workers AND supporting our local community. That is where our Refined Difference Project originated from.  Each month we showcase a different RL Family member and donating to a local charity of their choice. We  also provide links and information on how YOU can donate and support them as well!

For January, the charity we will be raising money for is TPC Rose, a group of highly motivated, caring TPC Twin Cities women members who share a commitment to make a difference in our community.

We organize and host public fundraisers to benefit local charities. We also serve as volunteers for other charitable events hosted by TPC Twin Cities.  We’ve raised just under $1.2M for area causes since our founding in April 2008.

With a growing membership of more than 50 energetic and caring women, TPC ROSE reaches out into our community to increase awareness and support of local charities serving the northern portions of Minnesota’s Twin Cities metro area. Each year TPC ROSE selects a non-profit organization to benefit from our annual fundraising activities: an August Golf Event and our Moonlight Gala. In addition to financial proceeds donated through ROSE Giving, Inc., TPC ROSE members personally volunteer time to further the programs of our selected charities. We’ve raised just under $1.2M for area causes since our founding in April 2008.  TPC ROSE also fund a separate College Scholarship program to gift four scholarships to high school senior girls who are going on to higher education.  We have given $20,000 to that program since 2017.

VISION | Serve and empower our community. 
Unite women to strengthen neighboring communities through philanthropy.
VALUES | Integrity, Service, Compassion, Empowerment


  • Foster an environment that nurtures participation with enthusiasm.

  • Engage and empower members for social responsibility and expanded service.

  • Collaborate with local charities to amplify their impact on the communities they serve through enhanced funding and volunteerism.


TPC ROSE – ROSE Giving, Inc. holds itself to the highest ethical and moral standards, emphasizing integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, confidentiality, professionalism, and stewardship. Our members commit to conduct that reflects these principles:

  • We uphold the spirit of philanthropy and the practice of volunteerism.

  • We treat all people with the utmost respect, regardless of viewpoint or status.

  • We promote teamwork, helpfulness, and cooperation—both within the organization and with individuals and groups outside the organization.

  • We produce quality, innovative work and services that are recognized by others.

  • We have a positive attitude, enthusiasm for our mission, and a spirit of enjoyment.

To learn more about the organization and to donate, click here.

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